Back Pain SolutionsEligible for Workers’ Comp? Know Your Possible Back Pain Solutions

If you have a compensible workers’ comp claim, your back pain treatment should be covered by your employer’s insurance. The first step is to notify your employer of the accident and your symptoms so that you can gain access to care. If you do not receive cooperation, you may need to speak with a legal professional to determine whether or not your injury is work related and covered. If it is, you can begin to pursue back pain solutions. For SI joint related pain, there are a number of treatment options available:

  • Physical Therapy. Medical specialists will usually suggest a physical therapy or exercise regimen as the first SI joint pain relief solution. These exercises can improve mobility and reduce inflammation in some cases.
  • Medication. If physical therapy alone does not help, medication is another option. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications can be used to reduce back pain.
  • Surgery. If nothing else seems to help, surgery is an option. For those covered under workers’ comp, your benefits can cover surgeries ranging from minimally-invasive options like SI joint fusions.

Be sure to speak with both legal professionals and medical specialists to find out which solutions are available to you. If your SI joint related pain is covered by workers’ comp, you should check to see which solution makes the most sense in your case.