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Because there is no singular cause, back pain can be a tricky thing to diagnose. When it involves a workplace accident or duty, it becomes even more complicated. If you are suffering from back pain that you believe to be related to your job, it is important to learn about your rights and options. When considering options for pain management, some key factors are involved.

  • Where did it occur? Workers’ comp laws can be difficult to understand and often require legal aid. If your back pain is related to your job, there are a number of important questions to answer. What were you doing when it occurred? Where did it occur? How severe is it?
  • What is the diagnosis? In order to determine what needs to be done, you should seek out a diagnosis from a medical specialist. An accurate diagnosis will allow you to understand your options. In Illinois, you are allowed to choose your on doctor for treatment. Talk to family and friends and do research online to determine who you wish to see for your injury.
  • How does it affect you? Back pain can range from annoying to completely debilitating. Much of your treatment will depend on the severity of the pain as well as your diagnosis and how much it limits your ability to work and live.

If you are injured at work let your employer know so that you can seek medical care. Any conscientious employer will want you to heal and return to work as soon as possible. If there is dispute with your workers’ comp claim, speak with a legal professional to find out more about the options available for you to access medical care.