Back Surgery and Workers’ Compensation

Back SurgeryIf you have exhausted all of your other options and have been diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction requiring back surgery, it is important to educate yourself about the process. The different types of back surgery will be discussed below in detail.

Types of Back Surgery

While you will need to speak with a legal professional to examine what your workers’ comp will cover, there are typically three types of back surgery doctors perform to reduce pain related to SI joints.


  • SI Joint Fusion. The most minimally invasive of the three options, this procedure stabilizes the SI joint with the addition of a bone graft.


  • SI Joint Facet Resurfacing. This surgery enhances the movement of the joint, which can minimize the pain.


  • Disk Replacement. As a last option, disk replacement can ease pressure and provide long-term, effective relief.


Benefits and Risks of Back Surgery

If your workers’ comp allows, surgery can provide a number of benefits. The reduction of pain can allow for increased physical activity and mobility, improved mood, less need for medication, and increased productivity. Some of the reported risks include bleeding, infection, surgical complications, and nerve damage.