OptionsWhile SI joint dysfunction is never welcome, for those who are eligible, it can be covered under workers’ comp. One of the advantages of being covered is that you are free to seek out the best option available without the financial burden usually incurred from medical procedures. So for those covered, what are the options?

 Physical Therapy as an Option

The best case scenario for those suffering from SI joint dysfunction is relief from physical therapy. This is the most natural and non-invasive treatment option and presents little to no risk.

 Medication as an Option

Medication is often used in conjunction with physical therapy to provide relief from back pain. Doctors can recommend over-the-counter NSAIDs or prescription medications.

Surgery as an Option

As a final resort, surgery can provide long-term, effective relief of SI joint related pain. Surgical options include SI joint fusion, nerve root ablation and dorsal column spinal stimulator placement. Each option has its own risks and advantages and should be fully discussed with a medical specialist.

Workers’ Comp and SI Joint Dysfunction

If your SI joint dysfunction is the result of performing work-related duties, speak with a legal professional to learn about your rights. You deserve relief from pain, and there are a number of options you can pursue.